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The Official Chloe Bridges Community

The Official Chloe Bridges
Kansas City
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Straight out of Kansas City Chloe Bridges is an emotional train wreck of members who are by all means clearly not the sanest of all bands around. Chloe Bridges was formed years and years ago and has changes numerous times into what it is now, a cluster fuck of notes and screaming atop an unparalleled devotion to a unique sound that can only be described as white noise upon the local music scene. Justen (vocals) is a spastic singer with a way with words making playwrights out of his songs. Writing from his blemished past relationships he fuels the fire while onstage by taunting the crowd. Along with the rest of the band, their live shows are usually a mesmerizing performance.

[Justen - Vocals] [Tim - Guitar] [Joe - Drums] [Sara - Bass] [Tyler - Guitar]

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